Trunox cribs and troughs are available in three variations. The common denominator of the product portfolio is a patented system based on three main factors: design, material and assembly.
The troughs are created with clean lines and with simplicity in mind. The lightweight plastic material is strong and provides besides a nice finish also a functional benefit as cleaning remains easy and effective due to the smooth surface. The  trough edge are rounded with a stainless steel protection rail, providing stability and security.

The Trunox troughs are made of a selected materials, combined in a simple and easy construction. Therefore, the assembly is easy to make by your own. If you need assembly instructions, you can download them here.

Model "Single"

Used as a hanging trough for sow stalls or as a floor mounted trough. Includes all fittings and hardware for mounting.

Model "Double"

Used for liquid feeding (shared by wall of fibre, panel or planking) for finishers.

Model "W"

Use for liquid feeding (by wall of fibre, panel or planking) or for the adlib-feeding (i.e. with a wall of fibre) for weaners.
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